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It hurts but Woolwich signing him for 500k then flipping him for 23m was a masterful piece of business. At the same time we were buying Rebrov for club record fees and loaning him out to Turkey and West Ham.
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World Cup 1966: Alfie's Boys
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World Cup 1966: Alfie's Boys
Sir David Jason presents Alfie's Boys, the story of how Sir Alf Ramsey built a team to win the World Cup in 1966. Featuring unseen archive from the BBC vaults.
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Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Picked up the Barcelona documentary again now that more episodes are out and I had completely forgotten how completely disinterested and drunk John Malkovich sounds narrating this. Butchering every name possibly.

It's actually entertaining.
Just watching the Gary Neville documentary on Qatar world cup (its on amazon). Fuck me that's left me angry. Those stadium workers really are being treated like slaves. Just horrendous. You could see he was furious interviewing the workers and the authorities there.
Finding Jack Charlton

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere but I recently watch the documentary ‘Finding Jack Charlton’. A very good watch, mainly documenting his time with Ireland but covers his relationships with his brother, and very interestingly, Paul McGrath, in particular. It’s on iPlayer.
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