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Reactions (like, haha, agree & disagree) are now a part of the core software and I'm not all that keen on how it currently works. There should be a modification out soon that helps.

On desktop, you hover over 'Like' to reveal the others. On mobile I think you click the 'Like' rating to reveal the others.

Edit: Seems you have to long-hold on the like to see the others on mobile? Well that's shite.
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The Fighting Cock

I'm still working on stuff, there's probably a bunch of things that are broken. I'll continue to tweak things in the coming weeks when I have the time. I just needed to get this update live.


I know. You all hate it.

There's a lot more content. There are various 'New Post' blocks and the latest podcast etc but the basic layout is the same with the main categories & forums.

Each of the categories is collapsible if you wanted to "reduce the noise". So if you don't care about the 'Other Footy' section, click the small triangle arrow next to the title and that category will be minimised. It should remember this setting for you on whichever device you are on.

Thread prefixes

These are a lot more prominent and you are required to select one when creating a new thread. You can easily filter threads by their prefix by using the links at the top of the forum.

The Spurs forum has a lot more options now when creating your own thread, including the trial Criticism prefix - my (likely vain) attempt at giving the "melts" their own safe havens to let of some steam after games, transfer windows, etc... Before the "happy clappers" come to lift their spirits, of course.

I'm not sure if this is going to be better having topics split over more threads, we'll have to see how it works. I get the feeling some people will just want to create their own threads to get on their soapbox so I'll probably find I have to merge more threads. We don't need 3 different "Criticism" threads as a reaction to a result.

Any discussion about a particular player should still go in the existing player thread.

Feel free to suggest new prefixes. I've intentionally omitted a "general discussion" one but we may find we need something that the others don't cover.

Emoji support

You can use standard emojis from your phone keyboard etc. They are converted to EmojiOne once posted so there's no iOS/Android differences with how they display.
You can also access them all from the smiley drop-down in the editor.

Push Notifications

Visit your account preferences on a compatible device and you can enable Push Notifications. So you can get forum alerts instantly pushed to your phone/browser.

This is supported by most major browsers except Safari on macOS and any browser on iOS. Basically, if you've got an iPhone it won't work because Apple have (so far) refused to embrace the industry standard.

Improved 'formation' BB code

This has been improved and should display much better from mobile to desktop. See the formation thread here.


formation code
Copy & paste the following code to use this formation in your post:


available formations
5131, 5212, 5122, 5221, 523, 532, 5311, 541, 5113, 51121, 352, 343, 3142, 3232, 4132, 4411, 424, 4141, 41212, 442, 433, 4231, 4321, 42121, 4213

View example formations

New 'Rating' BB code

Add 1-10 star ratings in your post (works in 0.5 increments).

TFC forum upgrade
[rating=9.5]TFC forum upgrade[/rating]

New 'Inline Spoiler' BB code

This sentence contains a hidden word.


In the post editor (under the 'Insert' drop-down) there is a new Giphy button to help you post those all-important reaction gifs.

Post Quick Thread

At the top of a forum, above the list of threads, there is the option to post a new thread.

Member stats

This page has been improved and you can also see users who have received red or yellow cards here.


There's a little bookmark icon in the top right of posts so you can save any to your account for future reference.

That's about it for now. There's a few more bits I want to add when I get the chance.

Looking forward to you all telling me what you don't like. 😢
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"Intelligent but stupid" - Ahab
Too much change.


The Fighting Cock
New look, improved, everyone needs to get used to it.

btw I see just "like button", not "Agree" or "funny" like on previous version?
See here:
Why can't I post pictures?? fix it Admin Admin or we both know what will happen..:kanehand:
You should be able to post them the same way as you did before. I've never allowed file uploads here because I might as well just hand myself in to the police immediately judging by some of the stuff you lot post 😭

Furball man

Not a big fan so far, but i hate everything new, so i need more time to make up my mind.

It really needs a dark mode. The whiteness is blinding me

If you go into forum options , buy a can of black aerosol paint , spray your screen with it , I find it tones down the brightness

Orcwear some sunglasses

Happy to be of service

I’m basically the tech guy around here
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