Have we signed AXEL WITSEL yet?

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Zenit in dream world. If Witsel is running his two year contract down then he can leave for free at the end of it and they will be left with nothing.

Don't know Zenits financial situation but if money is a worry now might be there best chance to cash in, what mug team is going to pay €100 million or anywhere near that for him.

Saw that Zenit have to get rid of some of their foreign players as they're breaching rules. Don't know if that'll be enough to get him if they're talking about a silly release clause but do we even want him? Where does he even play? CDM?
"Six-foot-two* eyes of blue, Axel Witzel's after you! Nah-na-na-naah-nah-nah-nah-nah nah"

*I don't actually know if he's 6'2"
This would be the ultimate case of ITK's know absolutely nothing if we wind up singing him though. Just for that reason alone I hope we get him. #FuckITK
Dodgy Russian clubs, probably selling him because their fans are back in the 'let's not have any blacks' racism plan.

Although we're done in the market unless he comes super cheap or some sort of lay away deal like that hamper company
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