Have we signed Destiny Udogie yet?

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Pull my hair like you’re Cuti Romero
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Considering this has gone a bit under the radar as well as came out of the blue, it's probably a good sign and this will be wrapped up by next week.

Can't say I have seen too much of him but he seems to be rated rather highly, only 19 years old and playing top level football for a mid table Italian club whilst putting up decent numbers from left wing back AND Conte rates him? Even better.
Destiny is still a strippers name. Not a footballers. Maybe why you guys like this player so much.

We have the squad depth at LWB with Sess, Davies and Doherty able to deputise for Perisic.

id like to see a first teamer / quality sub in CB or AM over another LWB.

i know everyone is saying that Perisic only has 2 years but Sess seems like his natural successor. I don’t want Sess to be deflated by another coming in for his position. His confidence needs building.
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