Have we signed Diaz yet?

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Cameron Diaz... box-to-box...

Sky Sports on Monday at 10pm after finally running the arse out of this story: “From what I’m hearing there will be no incomings for Tottenham this window, but it’s not all bad news for Tottenham fans as it looks as though Dele Alli and Matt Doherty will be staying at the club”
So Liverpool were hot on Diaz, he was their #1 target for the summer, and so when we got serious with Porto they pushed ahead their plans and dove in with a 60M bid six months ahead of schedule to ensure they secured their guy. And it's easy to see, he's so obviously the kind of player who matches the attributes of their front three.

This of course on the heels of selling Coutinho and buying Van Dijk the instant January 1st hit, and then seeing they were a goalkeeper short of greatness and paying whatever it took for Alisson.

This is not City or Chelsea spunking silly money ad infinitum. This is just decisive organization with total trust in its scouting and coaching setups and a commitment to making the most competitive team they can with the resources they can bring to bear.

It hardly even needs pointing out how polar opposite this is to Levy's entire concept of what the club or his job is. Night and day. Forget about the money, the very idea of a player who is that perfect, must-have fit doesn't even compute with the manner in which we do business.
This is just Levy’s latest version of Moutinho, Bruno and Dybala. Wait until there are just a few days left, make an low offer for a good player that you know won’t be accepted just to make it look like you are doing something. Then when nothing happens he can say “we tried but it wasn’t possible”. Rinse and repeat.

I will eat my own head if Levy spends the money it would take to sign this player. He will never do it. It would be like Elton John becoming heterosexual.


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That 80% ownership issue is perfect for Levy, even if it is just his old club not an image rights/3rd party issue like it was for Dybala, still makes the deal "too complicated" for January and something they can come back into the summer.

Note: they will not come back to it in the summer.


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I know this forum would be boring as fuck if everyone was like me, but I just can't be arsed with media/twitter speculation and hearsay, and it genuinely surprises me how much so many people buy into it and how angry what is most likely absolute bollocks makes them.
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