Heung-Min Son (손흥민)

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That's an issue on its own. I love Sonny, but he's too inconsistent across the season to be the main man. He and Kane work so well together because if one is having a rough day, we can always rely on the other to deliver (apart from the fact that they combine so well with each-other when we're attacking).
Tell that to Kane, who never shows up in the finals. For us and England.

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Read these comments from United fans on Son signing the contract and now you can see why untried fans are such a bunch of cunts
Yh I'm surprised Rashford Greenwood Fernandez and anyone young would sign a long term contract, they need to join a team that wins trophies

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Delighted to see Son signed a new deal.
What a great guy. Represents the club so well.
Yes. Very good news.

Although I seem to remember many, many, similar posts when Kane signed his new deal, and numerous others before him....

Hardly nails a player down in the modern game. But good on Sonny for bringing a little bit of cheer to our long suffering supporters.

Been my favourite Spurs player for a few years now.
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Ha ha haha!!!

The kid's been so desperate to see his man Levy get some love after all the recent scandals and exposures.... He's been stewing for months waiting to get a chance to post something like this.

Bloke with a gooner in his avi lecturing Spurs fans about ‘support’ - lmfao. Don’t feed him, John


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Great news on Sonny. Hope is not lost if we can get someone of his talent to play for us. To have both the current England and France captains - one of whom is the most coveted striker in Europe - as well as the number one superstar in Asia on our books is almost ridiculous, given the past year. We have to invest around them now. We may never see this quality and profile at our club for a generation or two. Don’t fuck it up like you always do Mr. Levy.



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I really do think the risk we took giving him a new contract when there was a real chance he was going to have to do military service for most of it is now further paying off.

Sonny remembers and shows the loyalty right back. What a wonderful person with world class skills (if not world class consistency). Absolutely love him.

His long time Gernan agent was let go shortly after
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