Honoury yids: non spurs fans wishing us luck

Good luck in the final, i hope you batter them.
Do it for your club, it's fans, every other club's fans, the World and the Universe.
Them winning anything is just too awful for words.
You broke my heart in 1981 but for this game it's COYS
Cheers. May 81 was up til that point the best night of my life and the reward for our loyalty after we were relegated at Maine Road in 77.......have i forgiven Man City for that 5-0....................not yet.

Joe Spurs

I wish all these random fans of other clubs would fuck off. You’ve done nothing but take the piss for the last few years - we don’t need you now anymore than we needed you then. Take your fake good wishes and fuck off and enjoy the beach when the serious clubs will be playing football.

hitman683 hitman683 I’m shaking my head. Are you really a hitman? I’m genuinely in tears (not laughter) I’m really upset. Why are you doing this to us? You might well want to cunt off the wider Spurs community, but more sensitive souls like myself will take offence. This is the problem with the internet - hard nosed Besiktas fans will always take advantage of soft Spurs cunts like myself. We know you’re hard - you don’t need to keep proving it on the internet.
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