IFAB to extend five substitutes rule for 2020-21 season

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Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
Like keeping it to 3 but still wish we adopted the Italian model of allowing clubs to have all their squad (or 10 players or some such) on the bench to choose from.

TBH, It'd just be nice to actually have more than 18 players fit once in a while.
Surprised to see 11 clubs voted in favour of the 5 subs rule last time around. Seems like it's not just the big clubs who anticipated the plethora of injuries players will be picking up in this congested season.

More and more managers will change their minds in the coming weeks when their players start getting injuries left, right and centre. PL have really screwed up big time in recent seasons with some really stupid decisions; the biggest of which was the shortening of the summer transfer window straight after the world cup.
Good news for football all round
Not really. It certainly benefits clubs with strong benches, hence why Liverpool and City have been its main proponents. It’ll certainly benefit us, and Chelsea too, but I can see it even working against teams like Leicester and Everton, never mind those teams in the bottom half of the table.

Edit: sorry dear chap, I didn’t bother checking the link or the date you posted it. I see you were agreeing it was good the motion got rejected. Makes my response kind of irrelevant!
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