In Search of Kane's Replacement

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Is he though...

I think the answer to this is what is the question?

Irreplaceable in what context is what we need to establish.

Is Kane going to lead us glory? Well there is some evidence that it is unlikely so are we doomed if we lose him or is it that it sends the completely wrong message?

In a couple of years, three at most, Kane will be past his best and at which point he will probably have to be replaced.

It's not a binary answer.
Is he though...

I think he is irreplaceable with Levy (and Paratici) in charge because the likelihood that he is sold with a solid plan of replacing him, large parts which already should have been done already, and with spending the money at all and especially wisely are unlikely as well.

Kane will seem irreplaceable once sold because Levy will spend so much time trying to squeeze every last pound out of the deal that by the time it comes to using that money to replace him it will be too late. We will once again be reacting and that rarely makes for good decisions.
I laugh out loud to those of you who say Kane is irreplaceable lol

Nobody is indispensable at any football club in the world

If we could get anywhere near the figures being mentioned for Kane then I say take the money Levy because Kane’s stock will only start to fall from this point on buy Vlahovic for the 51 million being quoted and move on.

Maybe look to bring Kane back in 4 years time much like Sheringham when he’s won his trophies
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