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Dr Rocktopus

Not looking good for Genoa Cricket & Football Club. Lost 3-0 to relegation rivals in the week. I don't really give a shit but decided they were 'my' Italian team when I saw what their name was, and that we were founded by English expats.

They’re my Italian team too for some reason. Even went on holiday there several years ago.

Nice place.
Juventus-Lazio 2-1


Excellent news. We can dream again.

I also said something similar about Milan right now (I'm actually watching their game against Sassuolo now) they have quietly done some really smart recruiting, I'd take about 5 of their current team, and Pioli's got them playing decent stuff. I think they'll have a good season next year if they can keep this team together and maybe even add a couple more.
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They’ve already built themselves a nice little team on the quiet, if they keep it together for next season, I think they will easily be top4 next season.

Be interesting to see if the Rangnick thing works out, especially at a club like Milan.

I really wish we’d tried to bring him in and reboot our whole system.

Milan just handed Pioli a contract until the summer 2022. I take the Rangnick deal is off

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Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Conte having a meltdown after one season with Inter for not feeling properly backed after they shelled out nearly 200 million in players is a wee bit hilarious.
However, at the end of the fair we went out more for our own fault than anything else. Sarri will be a good coach but does not seem to be in tune with the environment. Juventus cannot depend on the initiatives of CR7. Then oh well Dybala's injury too. Let's not say too lucky
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