Jamie Redknapp

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Controversial but is he wrong?

He's defo underachieved at PSG and he was culpable in a few strange decisions that cost us good chances at silverware (Son at LB) playing a 1/4 fit Kane in the CL final.

And there was a big argument to be made that we should have won the league the season Leicester did.

Ofc we don't know what effect the Wembley and who's choice it was not to buy a player for almost 2 years.

But he had some world class talent here and it was IMO a crime that team didn't win a thing

Don't believe that crap about us wasting the chance to win the league when Leicester did. We were never truly in a race with them, it's media bulshit that created that false title challenge. Leicester were meant to win the league that year and noone could have done anything to stop it happening.


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And one of them we know we bid for 'De Jong 'and then Poch stated if he couldn't get better than what he had he was content.


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