Jan Vertonghen

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Enjoy the Moment
A rock in defense and has really adapted well since moving from Ajax: Presents as a player who does not panic under pressure and sets a high standard in his field play. Next Captain of Spurs!!:vert:
Next captain of my butt
Can't believe the Vertinator's only been around for nearly a year and he's already making tackles that would make Ledley King proud. I wonder if he would have the same impact if we put him in defensive mid like Wenger would've done...
Hes had one poor game all year (Leeds) and ill let him off that as everyone else was crap.

One of the best debut seasons from a defender that ive ever seen


Man up and LOL
That tackle in the first half made me sit up, it's the closest I've seen to the King vs Robben tackle. The obvious difference being that Giroud is, well, a bit shit, so gave him more of a chance.

Park Lane James

Johan Cruyff is a football genius
Probably my favourite current Spurs player, he's so classy at centre-back. He was stopping everything from getting into the box yesterday, a rock alongside Dawson
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