Jan Vertonghen

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How far is Rome from Milan

SchmoodSpur SchmoodSpur its in dutch but i'll have a look, its pretty intruiging and he comes across as a top bloke

Josh Pauls Josh Pauls he said that Moose is his best friend and has always been around since they were 12, they played together as youngsters and then they both were in holland, both in London etc. Their wives are best friends and they live very close to eachother but then he suddenly said, i'ts going to be hard when he's gone. I'm going to miss him as its the first time throughout my career that he'll be far away ... And it did not sound like years from now but rather instantly
Heung-Min Son adds: “Jan is technically unbelievable, he could play any position. I am happy for him with his one goal and one assist. The cross for my goal was unbelievable, unreal, I just had to touch the ball. I feel sorry because when I scored I didn’t run to him! I am honoured to play with him and he can play striker for me!”


Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
Yep. Agreed.

His pre-season performances were rather worrying. Started looking his age a bit. But there was a noticeable decline in his overall performance starting from the back end of last season too.

I have no doubt he'll still be able to provide us with classic Vertonghen performances but he's not getting any younger.

Certainly didn't look old when he stood in at LB vs BVB... He owned the whole flank!
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