Just Marking Time Until it Ends

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The 20/21 covid restricted season is on the home straight and with only 8 league games and of course that “cup final” to play there is a serious feeling this football club, from top to bottom is just marking time until it’s over...

The Manager:
He’s hanging by a thread, or a League Cup final to be precise before the revolver in Levy’s hand finally fire’s that inevitable shot.

He has lost his dressing room, he has covid to thank for the fans not booing the place down in non appreciation of this excuse for football he serves up each and every week bar the odd occasion....I don’t think even he has the desire to stick it out beyond this season, and part of me can’t blame him as this club and in its current model was never going to provide him with the tools he needed over a short period of time that he has depended on over his entire career.
His appointment was more in hope of one last “miracle” from one of the most decorated managers in history than it was about giving him and his methods the platform to nudge us over the line.
He has failed massively, tactically, transfer wise and in particular the media.

The Players:
They are simply lost, the Pochettino era and what remains of that squad is well and truly finished, damaged beyond repair is the once great Dale Alli for example who was on the decline long before Mourinho.
Our younger prospects are nowhere to be seen, stalwarts at the back like Vertonghan are no more, and his great partner Alderwierld have both been replaced by mediocrity.
This squad is littered with average players, some who will get regular football at many other clubs and some who will gradually decline until football becomes a distant memory for them full of regrets (Yes Gareth) But all in all they know their time at Spurs is all but over.
Harry Kane is the one constant in an ever mind boggling team of players, he is simply focused on his personal goal, which is of course scoring goals. Truly amazing that a player who is playing in such an inconsistent shambles of a team is hot favourite for both Player of the Year awards and Golden boot, as he prepares for “maybe” his only remaining shot at a trophy in a Spurs shirt.

The Board, Owners, Fucking Levy:
In a footballing world which is ever changing, especially at Spurs, the one thing that remains consistent is the above.
Only time will truly judge them and their success or failure at the helm of this club, but time surly has to be running out, they face yet another manager selection this summer, yet another super star player they will have to fight hard to keep, and a returning crowd that will let their feelings be known a lot more than the sound guy currently providing the audio like a cheap Kung Fu movie...This might be Levy’s last chance to find the balance in the Force as the demands on fans will inevitably increase as they will be the ones to repay the covid financial losses one way or another just like taxpayers will inevitably repay governments for covid expenses, and that’s when people get upset...
Get it right Levy, it’s your last chance I feel....
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