Kane & Son break PL record for goal combinations

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"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"

Did it with impeccable style as well. That long ball was immaculate. Kane could kick a warhead and it would blow up a dartboard.
Even Eriksen Kane combo is there.

We have 3 partnerships in that list
Kane Eriksen, Dele, Son was fucking insane. 4-0 thumpings were handed out on such a regular basis at one point. Keeping a clean sheet against Spurs used to be a collectors item.

If you were to ask me in 2017, I'd have said it would be Kane/Eriksen or Kane/Dele to break the record.

At the risk of stirring controversy, I always felt Dele, Kane and Eriksen were a slight step above Son. They all had creativity and flair that Son doesn't have. Such a shame what happened to Dele. Also a testement to Son's professionalism that he's kept a really high standard to become Kane's main attacking partner.
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