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Anyone think it's a good idea, I mean Daniel Levy knows how to build Tottenham the brand and teams like United have been doing this for years even if the players don't want it.

Anyone going to this game?

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Chess extraordinaire
Good for the club.

Not particularly the best for the players. They deserve a rest.
Work do to Hong Kong. I think many workers in different industries would jump at it. No doubt first class travel, bit of sight seeing, and a not to serious match at the end of it. Cannot see it as a problem and not sure if all going.


N'Koudou looked world class on YouTube
Lamela, Rose and Dembele injured while Edwards readies himself for Bulgaria in the group stages of the UEFA European Under-19 Championship.

Looking forward to seeing Miller, if he gets some game-time, Sterling too.

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Players wouldn't be moaning if they were playing in the Cup Final this weekend. Don't see why they should expect to get off on their holidays a week early simply cause they didn't make it.


Kitchee chairman Ken Ng said: "This week, Alex (Chu, Head Coach) has some worries, he said to me 'what are we going to do? they like to score six or seven goals a game' and I said 'in that case, score once and let in less than seven and you're doing better than some Premier League teams!'"

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Why have only Son, Wimmer, Davies and Walker gone to South Korea?
Son is obvious. Wimmer is apparently his best friend so it's probably in our interests to market that like we do with the Dele-Dier bromance. Walker is presumably still "injured" and won't be playing in HK, and possibly the same goes for Davies since he's played nearly every game since January?
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