Levy / ENIC OUT? New Poll 2020

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ENIC / Levy Out?

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John Thomas

Former serial trophy winners
A finely balanced poll like no other!

Time to fire up this old classic - a new threat is upon us
'Kin'ell. How much has happened since you posted this poll, matey.

Kane exposing our lack of ambition. Again.
Attempting to destroy 140 years of history with the ESL scandal.
The only one of the "bastard 6" to reltuctantly withhold an apology.
Levy Out protests at the lane
The hilarious, embarrassing managerial search culminating with Nuno
The bogus interest in Poch and Conte to drum up ST sales
Fire a serial cup winning manager just days before a cup final in favour of a complete novice.....To save a few £££ on his severence package.
The Aston Villa ticketing scandal.
The only club to park it's long suffering supporters as far away from the pitch as possible to maximise advertising revenue. After charging by far the highest prices in England.
The bare faced lies about returning to our core values of attacking football, only to appoint a coach renowned for his emphasis on defence and caution.
The disgraceful video patronising our supporters and pleading some kind of unique, covid poverty.

Have I missed anything, guys?
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