Maurice Keston

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Not sure anyone has posted this yet

A real super fan from days past, almost chairman once too.

Thoughts and best wishes to Morris’ family and friends at this difficult time.
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"Legacy Fan"
He was flogging off a lot of his memorabilia last couple of years, bought some bits from him. Lovely, lovely man.


"Legacy Fan"
Who's Maurice Keston?
well worth a read.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I met him at the book signing, spoilt it by having George Graham alongside him. Terry Venables and Phil Beal were there too.
Brilliant book, would have loved to have been adopted by him!
He came to most supporters' attention in the 70s when he was mentioned in the 'Glory Glory Game' by Hunter Davies.
Hope he managed to get to see a game in the new stadium.
RIP Morris, a credit to our club.


Football fan extraordinaire and friend of the stars! Starring: Bobby Moore, Jimmy Greaves, Geoff Hurst, Terry Venables, Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra and many, many more...

Superfan is a collection of wonderful anecdotes and stories from one of football's and England's great characters.

Morris Keston was once just a regular football fan, but then he started befriending the Spurs players (sometimes by following them out of the ground and sitting next to them on the bus!). By the time the 1966 World Cup came around Bobby Moore and Jimmy Greaves were popping round for tea between training sessions, and when Spurs reached numerous cup finals in the seventies and eighties the players from both teams would flock to his wild after-match party instead of the club's official dos.

Beyond football he became friends with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Muhammad Ali. He regularly travelled to Vegas in Sinatra's private jet and still goes into a cold sweat when recalling the time Stirling Moss gave him a lift and reversed down a narrow street at 90mph.

He had a whole chapter devoted to him in Hunter Davies's classic sports tome The Glory Game, but now the amazing adventures of Morris Keston at last have a book of their own.

''It's a brilliant read. It's what every fan wants to be. And could be. Told from a time when football players were accessible. From when wages were identical, before locked gates, super cars and security cameras became the norm.''
-- England Football Online, April 2010
''I thoroughly recommend this book by Morris, who truly is a SUPER fan.''
-- Norman Giller, April 2010
''All killer, not an ounce of filler.''
-- Who Killed Ruel Fox, May 2010
''It's a tale of a bygone, arguably better era, where you could turn up on the turnstile and get in, where players were open and willing to chat rather than be surrounded by a forcefield of PR and agents, where players understood that they and the fans are one and the same, not a different class.''
-- Tottenham On My Mind, May 2010
''Keston reveals authentic tales of (Bobby) Moore, a bloke call Muhammad Ali and a certain singer by the name of Frank Sinatra. Reading it reminds me of reading David Niven's biography, The Moon's A Balloon.''
-- Rob Shepherd, News of the World, May 2010
''Morris was like our 12th man. No matter where and when we played he was there. He was always there to help and advise if a player ever got into bother; and he knew more about what was going on at the club than any of us. But he never told tales out of school. He knew when to keep stum, and he won the trust of everybody at the club. Yes, a Superfan!''
-- Jimmy Greaves, April 2010
Had greavsie and Bobbie Moore round his house during the 66 World Cup.

Missed I think4 games (home away and Europe) in I think 30 years and that was due to heart surgery.

Double winning celebrations the players skunked off early from the official club celebration party to go to HIS party

Might have to gig that book out and give it another read. Fella used do away games before it was the done thing. Trailblazer.
Just finished The Glory Game again after reading it over thirty years ago. Fantastic read and a book all Spurs fans should read. The differences between then and now are staggering.
Funny at the time that the club took a dim view of Keston and blocked him from becoming a director.
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