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Love Nike Airmax and Jordan kicks. However I'm not sure how I'd feel about Nike being our kit manufacturers though. Would we get a bespoke or generic template kit? Aren't the build quality of their football shirts horrendous as well? £30m a season not to be sniffed at though.

Have been impressed with the kits Under Armour have produced for us. As a company they are rapidly on the rise in technical sportswear market in the US and here.
I've grown to like the UA kits but Nike generally has neat and tidy designs. Having said that, we'll probably end up with something like this :pritchardeyes:


It'd put on us the same level in regards to kit sponsor. Now to find an equally huge shirt sponsor (no offence AIA), that ends in 2019.
I believe you mean, 'YUUUGE.'

For 30MM/yr I don't think Nike would be rolling out the generic stuff. Might not get the Barca treatment but I'd expect them to put some extra thought into it beyond slapping on a crest and matching the colors.


wrong nearly always
Better than Adidas. I imagine we'd end up looking rather similar to West Brom.

That is dutty.

To be honest, I've been really impressed with Under Armour. But I suppose Nike are the big dogs and now we're entering elitism they come knocking.

I don't like that they make the kits for so many clubs. Generic bollocks.

I'd rather stick with UA or another less used manufacturer.

As the great Kanye West says, FUCK NIKE!
Also, has there been any word about a commemorative kit or a nod at the least to WHL for next seasons kit?
They'll probably do some ill-conceived, weird multi-kit combination, encapsulating every single kit that we've ever worn at the Lane... I imagine it would end up looking something a little like this;
In a perfect world we could get a simplified, timeless kit along the line of this one leaked last year. If we must have a sponsor on the kit, it has to be blue. I have come to ignore the red on our current kit, but when you see it in blue it just looks so much better.

Yes, the France and Roma ones have been soooo nice, and the Man City stuff: jerseys, training gear, walk-out jackets: all slick as fuck.
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