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Where's the Kaboom?
I live about 5 minutes drive from smellhurst park. Most of the people I drink with are either Palace or Wimbledon supporters. And amongst all the piss taking was calling the palace fans dirty tramps who can only afford to shop at Lidl and Aldi. Which evolved into working there to get a staff discount.
Is that OK?


White Hart Pain


it was edited on - people at the venue only saw whatever was playing on the screens. It's weird how BBC and the Telegraph have carried it.
Ah, makes sense, as you could see people in the stands not watching the apparent show.
Makes it a bit boring now. And I would have thought they could maybe have done a better job.
Oh well, move along...nothing to see here.




Timelapse och the building process of the new Brentford Stadium.

Driven past it loads of times on the A4 and was hoping to see an amazing looking stadium coming out of the ground but instead they’ve built this ugly monstrosity. It’s a real missed chance to build an iconic stadium next to one of the main routes into London that might attract new fans, sponsors etc.
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