Other Stadiums and Training Grounds


Ndominating Ndombele
Leicester new training ground
- it's gonna be expensive to run this when they're back in league 1

Not a patch on ours but looks decent.

yep. Getafe have like no fans. I've never met one. I'm met Rayo fans so I know they exist.

Bill Madrid Bill Madrid ever met a Getafe fan?

P.s This table is disgusting isn't it? It's the fan share in Spain
No, never met a Getafe fan. I've heard that most are Madrid fans who have plucky li'l Getafe as their patronised second team. I don't know if he's still in charge but their chairman a few years back was a Madrid socio (season ticket holder with voting rights).

I imagine it's similar with the fans at Leganés too.

Very different at Rayo, as you say
Espanyol have 0 fans?


the remainder 2% is divided up between the last 7 teams.
Espanyol are a very Barcelona-only supported team and in Barcelona they usually read Sport and El Mundo Deportivo, not AS, which is a rest of Spain thing (this survey was of AS readers). So I think they're an anomaly that should be a little higher on the list, but only at 1 or 2% max.
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