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palmers_green_yid palmers_green_yid you're a mother fucking hero
It was mental. One of the best nights of my whole life. Was hugging random people at the end, some of them were French, I was like "it's rare to have French Spurs supporters at games", this woman said "nous sommes la famille de Moussa Sissoko", they were joining in all the songs and even started the whole end singing the Sissoko one. Everyone around me had tears in their eyes. I'm sorry you didn't find a ticket Pad, but glad you were there and I trust you should be fine for the final.


When you guys are back in town would love to hear some of the stories from last night in the ground. Win or lose in the final, there was something special about last night.

Share every bit of detail please!

Where to start....got a very early flight on Wednesday so was in Amsterdam early enough to get a very decent breakfast, then a few early pints before heading up to the comedy afternoon put on by David Alfie Ward and Carl Donnelly. They were brilliant and well done to them for putting the thing together.

Left there and stumbled round various pubs and bars on the way to Dam Square where the majority of the fans had congregated, had to explain to two very confused american tourists what was going on - they said their grandkids support Spurs but they had no idea the club as links to the jewish community (they were jewish from New Jersey). More beers and shots after that, then on the train to the game.

Like most away grounds it was a fucking pain to get into, walked the entire circumference and a bit more before finding the away section, they insisted on searching everyone multiple times, etc. Great atmosphere in the ground, but everyone ignored their tickets and sat anywhere so spent the game perched on the stairs. Their fans were very loud, and at times the Spurs fans struggled to find their voices.

I guess you know what happened during the game so won't go over it too much, but at half time the general feeling was we were done - the first goal changed the sentiment immediately though. I then completely missed the second goal as I was physically floored by Llorente's miss.....Then when the winning goal went in I didn't really celebrate like I normally would, I just froze. A completely surreal feeling to score such a decisive goal in such a big game. The Ajax fans also seemed shellshocked and didn't leave the ground for ages after the final whistle.

Post match they kept us in for ages, about an hour and half, luckily Poch, the staff and the players came over to entertain us and share in the moment. A really special thing to witness. We were then all shepherded onto a train and back to the town centre for celebratory beers. Everything started closing up around 2-3am. Managed to watch a re-run of the game in a pub and piece together some missing parts.......didn't realise at the time that Hugo came up for the last corner.
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