Percentage of soft goals conceded?

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Gotta to be over half of them where you could say should have done much better getting, ridiculous this season, been getting wonkier and wonkier since Walker left IMO
I think out of the 27 goals we've conceded.
I'd say somewhere between 20-25 have been caused by glaring errors

There are a only a few I can think of where either
- Its no ones fault
or - Its harsh to blame someone and maybe only a world class defense could stop it

Liverpool (A) where Salah scored comes to mind
Lanzini goal is just a wonder goal
Lamptey goal should've been disallowed
Some of the early season penalties where people were just getting done for the stupid handball rule.

All the recent ones have certainly been avoidable
Similar percentage to Chelsea in 2015 and United in 2018 from what I can tell.

Something is going on here for sure...I just can't quite put my finger on it...

1st goal conceded:
Long ball from GK which Sanchez heads straight back to a WHU player.
Hog and Reg both get done and another long punt to Antonio who mugs off Sanchez
and passes back to Soucek. Half hearted attempts to tackle both players by Mr Wonderful.
Mr W then fails to track the Soucek run and Sanchez is drawn out of position leaving Antonio unmarked.
A great cross comes in. When I first saw it I thought maybe Hog or Dier could have headed it but I when viewing the 2nd replay it was too high for Hog and too wide for Eric.
Unmarked Antonio gets the ball and Lloris fumbles.
IMO major blame for goal is Hugo.

2nd goal.
Forward pass to Antonio which Sanchez fails to stop. Ball breaks to Lingard who beats Doc to the ball and brushes Sanchez aside to score a well taken goal.
Mixture of Doc and Sanchez to blame.
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