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Looking at this forum recently has been like picking at a scab.
All the negativity is loser mentality - so I would like a thread about the positives of Spurs!
I would prefer negative counter points about individuals, tactics, owners or whatever are posted in their appropriate threads.

There's a good chance this thread doesn't gain much traction because of the suffocating amounts of negativity going around - but I do believe (like all these sport mentality coaches preach with proven success) a positive mindset is required for success.

Feeling hard done by about Mike Dean away, 1st June, Toon at home, Colchester away, Tuesday night or whatever it may be - isn't going to help us or the players.

So lets have a look... some points can be taken with large pinches of salt or a massive tongue in cheek - but some positives;

- We have scored joint 3rd most goals in the league. 14 goals, only 4 behind Liverpool.

- A win against Brighton can put us 3rd. Leicester play Liverpool, and I'm not sure who are our closest league rivals right now - but one of them will drop points.

- We have the opportunity to record back to back league wins for the first time since April. That's a 12 game period without back to back league wins. We all know that momentum is key in football, and this fixture gives us the opportunity to get back on that track.

- Brighton have only scored 5 goals in the league this season (joint 2nd lowest and only 2 goals at home - 0 wins) - and we are desperate for a clean sheet for confidence. Last season we went there and got a 1-2 win, and feel a nice solid 0-2 or 0-3 could be absolutely crucial for our momentum and confidence. There's a lot of reasons to get behind the team for this one.

- Our last away win was Fulham in January. That's a lot of months, and from memory it was a Winks back post goal from a GKN cross in the last minutes! This weekend gives us pretty much the ideal platform to stop the rot. Of course we can do it! Break through the mental barriers and we can progress once again!

- Kane is on 7 in 9 so far this season. He is out of form, fitness, in a side not winning. That's what top class strikers do though. They keep chipping away. Fancy hit to bag a hatty against Brighton to sit on 10 in 10 going into the international break! This would put him on 8 in 8 in the league - joint top scorer! He has either a goal or an assist in each of his last 6 games.

- Sissoko - for all his lack of ability to pass, finds himself our joint highest for assists so far this season, on 2 alongside Son.

- Although we have a 43% win record in the league so far this season, Aurier (67%) far exceeds that! It's a shame he's missing huh? Ndombele has 60% - but Dier sits with 100% for the game he featured in! LETS START DIER!

- The game is at 12.30 tomorrow. So there's time to take the Mrs shopping after!


SouthStand Billy

And getting beaten 2-7 at home saw someone pull the chair away when we sat down.

It didn't help but we are sill recognised as a prospect. The ground, the training facilities and also the regular inclusion in the CL..
We are certainly a better proposition than we were 4 years ago.. Many managers would be honoured to be linked
Here's another one!

The good old 16-17 season..

We had 17 points after 7 games.
Currently we are on 11 points after 7 games - 6 points off that.

We then went on to have 21 points from 11 games.. (drew 4 in a row)

If we win 3 of our next 4, and pick up a point at Anfield - we are on 21 points from 11 games too!

Brighton (a), Watford (h), Liverpool (a), Everton (a)

I can see us doing that.. Are we on for a new record points total for the season??




Nice stadium and facilities
Lots of money that will be generated from the nice stadium
Half a squad of decent players to work with.

Nice stadium and facilities
Lots of money that will be generated from the nice stadium
Half a squad of decent players to work with.

Yes the foundations are in place for a new manager and backroom team to come in, should that be the route we go down.

I believe more managers will be attracted to Spurs than was the case pre Poch.
Struggling with positives to be fair..

I would like to say to any of our travelling fans down there today - I heard you.

Tottenham 'till I die.
There are certain players that still very much care about Spurs.

Ndombele (still young and moldable)

Think that's a decent lot to build around

important that Sess and Lo Celso become class level players.

Really need a RB/RWB and a ground covering CDM. RB should be easier to find, CDM is going to be difficult.

Lots of work to do at the back. Time to put Sanchez, Foyth and Dier as a back 3 and hope they figure it out. Sess as a LWB. Need a RWB
We have a lovely stadium
I don't have to try and stay awake to watch MOTD tonight.

I will try to serious for this one

Maybe, just maybe all the shit that is going to come our way will create a siege mentality.
That's it, can't think of anything else

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