Premier League fixtures - 2018/19

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December & January tv selections announced today ?

"Approx" date of announcement. Wouldn't actually surprise me if they are waiting to hear when our first game in the new stadium is.

I doubt that they will wait for us given that we won't know for sure until after the second test event.

I think that they will be out in the next day or two with Burnley one of the matches, just in case. Maybe Wolves too and Man U will probably be selected anyway. Southampton is midweek and too early I reckon and as for Bournemouth on Boxing Day, I really hope it's not.
Getting loads of aggro from the other half over Christmas plans so need them to hurry up with this. I guess as we're past 4pm it ain't happening today
Woolwich match not given prime 4pm slot reserved for Liverpool. Not surprised but just shows the bias. That means they will review it from Liverpool. Burnley not selected?
- Scum (a) - now Sunday 2 December, kick-off 2.05pm - Sky Sports
- Leicester City (a) - remains Saturday 8 December, kick-off now 7.45pm - BT Sport
- Everton (a) - now Sunday 23 December, kick-off 4pm - Sky Sports
- Cardiff City (a) - remains Tuesday 1 January, kick-off now 5.30pm - Sky Sports
- Manchester United (h) - now Sunday 13 January, kick-off 4.30pm - Sky Sports
- Fulham (a) - now Sunday 20 January, kick-off 4pm - Sky Sports.
I think (and selfishly hope) this all makes Burnley less likely as first home game. Thought Sky would be all over it
That Leicester kick off is a cunt. 2nd time this season we'll have that slot with no trains back after the game. Will probably end up staying with a mate in Birmingham, as I will be after Wolves. Fucking hate Sky/BT, so glad I don't have a subscription.

Leicester : 21.54 last train, leave 10 mins to go, tesco express next to station for cans.
Wolves : Would have to leave 15 mins to go, 20 if want cans.
Just had a check through the upcoming fixtures and check out these mammoth games coming up every single week bar for the next 9 match days in the Prem:

2nd December- Woolwich vs Tottenham

5th December- Man U vs Woolwich

8th December- Chelsea vs Man City & Leicester vs Tottenham (5:30pm & 7:45pm)

16th December- Liverpool vs Man U

23rd December- Everton vs Tottenham

Boxing Day fixtures

29th December- Liverpool vs Woolwich

3rd January- Man City vs Liverpool

3rd round of the FA Cup so no Prem fixtures

16th January- Tottenham vs Man U

Looking at these fixtures, coinciding with the run of games we have until around March time it's a huge moment for us with so many others playing one another, nicking points here and there.

Also it has to be said, what an epic run of weekly fixtures to look forward to. What the Premier League is all about!
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TV selections - February, 2018
- Newcastle (h) - remains Saturday 2 February, kick-off now 12.30pm - Sky Sports
- Leicester (h) - now Sunday 10 February, kick-off 1.30pm - Sky Sports
- Burnley (a) - remains Saturday 23 February, kick-off now 12.30pm - Sky Sports
- Chelscum (a) - remains Wednesday 27 February, kick-off now 8pm - BT Sport.
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