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Home Southampton for me. I'd hate to win it 300 miles up the road in Newcastle, would much rather seal the deal at home in front of the fans. Plus the Soton fans can stick around to watch Poch lift the trophy...

Chelsea away would be funny though, and would give us a party game back at the Lane...
Home Southampton has some nice correlations with the past. Went up with the saints, poch came from the saints. Plus it be home in front door the faithful. Chavez away would be mayhem

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
With arguably the biggest derby since 1991 fast approaching do you think that as supporters we can do something out of the ordinary? Like take a few hundred of us and head over to Hotspur Way with banners, flares and our voices to cheer them on the The Lane. Or get every supporter to bring a newspaper into the ground for a mass ticker tape welcome.


Everyone (pundits.....and perhaps most tellingly opposition managers) keep on talking about 'a belief that we'll win' emanating from the WHL crowd - where the fuck has it come from and how do we keep it?
Question for the pod:

One of the regulars from WoolwichFanTV declares that he cannot take the pain of being one of their fans any more. He wishes to be videoed burning his shirt outside the Spurs Shop, and then seen emerging from it wearing his new Spurs shirt. He then wants to appear on TFC as a guest.

Would you help in any way or agree to this request?
Every time I bring a lady friend over, my dog insists on being involved. He doesn't need much, in fact he's quite content with just humping a foot, but obviously my guests aren't too keen on me inviting a friend to the game. If I try to push him away, it just makes him want it more. What do you think is wrong with him and what should I do about it?


Enjoy the Moment
Regarding buying another forward,there are a few names being kicked around on the forum, who do you think we may buy or will that depend on if we win the title or not!
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