Return to long summer transfer window

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Pissed off with this decision. The longer the window, the longer Levy will take, with his usual game of penny pinching brinkmanship and we will start the season without our team being established


"If I see aggressivity, I show aggressivity"
Anyone not happy about this has a short memory as to how vulnerable we were for in the 2 weeks that the European windows remained open.

It's not an ideal situation either way, but the original switch was a shit idea to begin with. This way is MUCH better.
It’s ok buying better players if they become available. We have some great new talent that were brought in last season but we weren’t able to find the best team to link together - adding some more could damage what we should be building on.
Bale signing back here would be a massive lift for the fans and the team. He would fit in linking up with Deli & Lo Celso to provide the service Kane / Son & Moura need.
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