Ryan Mason

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England debut March 2015.
First league start for Spurs September 2014.
Subbed off for Swindon after getting injured, yet again January 2014.
Sat on the bench for Lorient, this was as close he came to action on his loan there March 2013.

Today he made his England debut, made the tackle that lead to the goal. Harry Kane is not the only fairytale at Spurs. Ryan Mason, he's one of our own!



Ryan Mason was at his lowest ebb, stricken in a hospital bed after emergency surgery to repair a fractured skull, when he received a visit from his former Tottenham manager, Mauricio Pochettino. Immediately, the lights went on. โ€œHey, gaffer, I was there,โ€ Mason said. โ€œIn the right position.โ€

Mason was at Hull in January 2017 when the accident happened, a sickening clash of heads with Chelseaโ€™s Gary Cahill after he had dropped into the space to make a defensive challenge โ€“ just as Pochettino had instructed him over and over again.

On this occasion, the Fates were against Mason. Right position, wrong time. His life had hung in the balance and the damage to his head was so extreme that he would be forced to retire as a player a little over a year later, at 26. Yet what struck Pochettino that day โ€“ and not for the first time โ€“ was the strength of Masonโ€™s focus, the dedication to his craft. โ€œYou go to hospital to visit a guy and you donโ€™t expect to speak about tactics,โ€ Pochettino later told friends.

Our new manager!

Not expecting a single thing from him, odds are we'll lose tonight and many of the games left this season but sorry given the utter dross we've be dished up by the Chav King Dino I'm routing for Mason and our team as if Mason was my best mate, my brother, a Yiddo!!
The interim coaches care about the club and care about the players. They want Tottenham to win because they love Tottenham. In the situation we are in, that's what we need.

Hugo was talking about how the team wasn't together anymore, well lads like Ryan and Michel will bring them together again. Even if it's only short term, the squad has to come together and restore some pride. You'd rather go into battle with your friends than with some horrible old cunt and his annoying underlings, wouldn't you?
No disrespect to Ryan Mason but surely we would have been better off asking somebody like a Harry Redknapp to take the team until the end of the season?

I mean technically we are still playing for 4th and a cup final. Not that I think we are capable of either.

This appointment of somebody with zero managerial experience just strikes me as giving up entirely on the season.

Obviously much bigger issues at the minute with the ESL

Redknapp is an old man who hasn't been on a training pitch for years. He doesn't know any of our players. Let him stay on his sofa where he belongs.

Mason and Powell were already coaching at the club when Mourinho was sacked. They are better suited to move up to the first team.
Dodgy subs, but a good start.
What was dodgy about them. Winks played well, involved in the build-up out from the back that got ruled out for offside. Winks is actually better than Ndombele and PEH when he drops between the CB's (loads he can't do that they can but when we are pushed up, in possession on the ball this element he's better).

Lo Celso wasn't having a great game, still looks to be struggling for match fitness, something that Lamela absolutely doesn't lack, always a dynamo when selected. Bergwijn again will keep the press going up top with fresh legs.

In no way whatsoever did the subs have a negative impact on the game.
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Anyone on here could have done the same job with those substitutions.

Lucas was one of our only players that could break the press and he gets subbed out. Son useless and stays on.

Sissoko? What a fucking joke.


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Scholes on Mason:

"Mason has caught my eye a lot this season. He can tackle, he is tactically disciplined and he kicks the ball cleanly with either foot. He gets about the pitch too. I understand he had a few loan spells and some injury problems before he made it as a regular with Spurs and his development has been overshadowed by Kane. But I see no reason why Mason should not be in the next senior England squad."

When the best English midfielder of the generation says something like that, you should pay attention. Some other really good stuff from him in there about Pochettino and Kane as well.

Hope the cunts in our fanbase who spread shit about our players (that he was a Chelsea fan) just because they don't rate them choke on his words, he is more a Yid than any of them put together.

"There are too many names to mention when it comes to talking about Tottenham Hotspur but I would like to say a special thank you to John McDermott, the Gaffer and everybody at Spurs for helping me to achieve my dreams".

"I am so proud to have come through the ranks to play for my club, the club I love. To have had the honour of captaining the team fills me with immense pride. Thank you to all of my teammates over the years, there are too many to mention, itโ€™s been a privilege to play alongside you all".
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