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Reading this thread is really making me miss match day after a year and hope we can get back for the new season. Generally I walk down from Tottenham Hale via the Bee Hive, Two Brewers and Bluecoat. At Wembley the only saving grace of playing there was Flannerys.


Back to the 60s
Decent option after the game. A pint in there whilst the station queue went down. Must have been closed for 7/8 years now, maybe more.

I've had a pint in most of these mentioned. The Bank, The Swan, Corner Pin some others that have gone. Gilpins was a regular for years when I used to come in from Enfield way, think that's now closed (?). Bill Nic was a solid go to as well (previously Northumberland Arms). Nowadays... Beehive mostly.

Always generally avoided Coach and Horses, Bricklayers and No. 8 just for packed.

Can't recall ever going in Olive Branch or Elbow Rooms.
Elbow room was never too crowded and was always good for a decent pie 🥧
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