Summer 2017 transfer window or, waiting for Godot

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Enjoy the Moment
Not snatching Barkley at all, he has always stated he wants to play at this club and I think we will sign him because of this!
Looks like Woolwich are treating the last day of the window like it's the first


Scenes at 10.50pm when they realise they've let everyone leave
Not going to lie, I'm loving watching the stupidity of transfer deadline day on sky. Being an Australian haven't seen it much previously, and I'm happy with our signings so not too stressed about anyone else. Watching goons & chavs royall bugger it is also beautiful.


You're a long time dead
No, but that's how it is. That's why Ings only signed a pre-contract with Liverpool i January
I saw a couple of articles online regarding the Ings transfer, which is why I questioned the 'domestic rules being different to the rest of Europe' statement. Doesn't the Ings deal confirm that a pre-contract deal could be made between Spurs and Barkley in Jan?.
Selling Walker and Wimmer and replacing them with Sanchez and Aurier is brilliant business.

Fees aside, Sanchez is a huge improvement on Wimmer and Aurier could be just as good if not better than Walker. A huge improvent for our squad. They're also younger and have a higher potential.
Aurier is better than Walker.

He's a proper RB, trained as one. (Walker started life as a striker and it shows).
Aurier pluses:

Can mark
Can defend
Can cross
Can beat a man one on one
Is bloody quick
Best years still ahead of him

Walker is even quicker, but then he's faster than anyone else anywhere on the sprint. Aurier is bloody fast, and with his footballing brain that is easily good enough.

Absolute blinder to get him with £20m to spare. Ideally we'd have kept Walker for continuity etc, but this has turned out even better.
£60? That's fucking cheap in this market.


Its all a game?
Would still much rather we look at getting in a wide player than Barkley to be honest

I want(ed) a winger too but it's becoming obvious that we're going to play a lot of games with 5 defenders this season, evidenced by the signing of Sanchez. In that formation we play two attacking midfielders (Alli and Eriksen) in a narrow position with the width coming from the wingbacks. I guess that means that a winger isn't a big priority for Poch, especially considering this formation makes Son a sub.
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