Summer 2017 transfer window or, waiting for Godot

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from what I understand Levy got PSG to sign a confidentiality agreement which did two things:

1. stopped Chelsea in their tracks aka. Willan mk2
2. Meant city didn't know we had a replacement lined up so couldn't haggle on Walker

If true (big IF), it's a master stroke. The moment Aurier got his VISA his value doubled.

Llorente is apparently at Hotspur way doing his medical. I hear there is no mobile reception in the area at the moment :levyeyes:
I have to say, that's fine work, full credit.

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I saw a couple of articles online regarding the Ings transfer, which is why I questioned the 'domestic rules being different to the rest of Europe' statement. Doesn't the Ings deal confirm that a pre-contract deal could be made between Spurs and Barkley in Jan?.
No, I'm pretty confident they only started negotiations in May or so
<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">If anyone thinks Spurs are in crisis I urge them to watch this, Woolwich fan singing for their players to stay.<br><br><a href="Insider City on Twitter"></a></p>&mdash; Ricky Sacks (@RickSpur) <a href="">August 30, 2017</a></blockquote>
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this is fucking hillarious!
This scenario has just played out in my head....
Sanchez to city
Goons have Lemar lined up to replace him
We do a willian and get lemar last minute
No time left for goons to get replacement

Stranger things and all that

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