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every 2 weeks Private Eye lands on the doormat. First up I go to "On the message Boards", to read what Bogbrush, Hatfield Gooner, Haley 123 and Tim the Househusband have to say. Some of it is genuinely laugh out loud.

And then you read the real thing above, and my mind goes so blank I can't even make a comment linking to satire. I don't know what I find more shocking - that he chanted such stuff, that he didn't mean it to be racist, that he didn't know how offensive it would be, that he's clearly only apologising not because of what he sang but because he was caught on camera and there's no way he can worm his way out of it.

I hope that GMP prosecute him and all the others they can identify.
I hope that the guilty ones are convicted.
And I hope that the worst offenders are given custodial.
It would be a start.
Well, someone's just got custodial for Racial Abuse on the Manchester Metro.......

Man jailed for racial abuse on Manchester tram
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