The Race for 4th

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At the end of the day, we deal with that shit when it arrives. Right now we desperately need Woolwich to drop points.
Exactly. If Newcastle losing might get them relegated, then I might be somewhat conflicted, given what their future is likely to hold with the blood money, however under the current circumstances where a win for them will make no real difference to their season, I'll be 100% behind them tomorrow.


Evertoon with a second red.... Rondon with flying two-footer 3 minutes after coming on.... XD

Starting to wonder if fat frank is deliberately trying to field half a team against the goons.

Edit: at least he's not a first team player...
No fluke after 38 games..
Not sure about that. Chelsea put in the worst performance in about 4 years, West Ham between EL games fucked and United was having a meltdown when they played them. That level of luck is pretty remarkable.
nonsense, a fluke over 38 games is less likely but it doesn't mean it can't happen. Leicester fluked a title ffs.
That's the thing... It doesn't have to be 38 games if flukes.... It only needs to be 3 or 4... Those games make all the difference...
In the same week we lost to Brighton and drew at Brentford, they were beating Chelsea, Man Utd and West Ham... Unheard of!

Fernandes taking the ball off Ronaldo to miss the penalty at the Emirates went against all logic... Yet it happened...
The Leeds keeper walking it into his own net last week was a freak... And yet it happened.

It doesn't need to happen over 38 games....
That's why games you lose early in the season CAN come back to bite you!

Luckily, we've taken back momentum, and it's ALL on the Arse to get summit tomorrow.... I'd HATE to be in that position! ...which is a good thing!
Everton lost 3-2 at home, with both Calvin-Lewin and Rondon set off - so will miss the Woolwich game.

But Everton will not be safe and should be trying for at least a point against Woolwich ?
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