The Race for 4th

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Listen to thinky
You've just been humiliated by your arch enemy, in front of the whole world.

Both in a two-way battle for a very valuable CL place.

Your team is depeated.

Your defence is weak.

Your morale bruised n' battered.

You now have to go away to another fever-pitch stadium; fans giddy at the prospect of a huge future; a great home record in the second half of season under their belt.

Demanding a farewell win before the summer.

Opposition players playing for their future, knowing there's an open wallet to bring in superior replacements.

You know if you draw, then your arch enemy can win their remaining game against a rock-bottom relegated team (who has a -51 GD) and snatch the prize out of your hands.

If you lose, you know your arch enemy only has to then draw against that rock bottom team.

If scum win that game, can have no complaints (unless it's handed to them, by officials), as they would have overcome a great deal, to do it.

But, you know... I just can't see it.

"thinky, your logical faculty is fucking extraordinary."

Well well well....
We couldn't have asked for more from the last 5 days...

It's everything we were dreaming of last Thursday evening before kick off...

Winning the NLD only had true relevance if we followed it up against Burnley.... Which we did... Just!
Newcastle were immense tonight, and gave the performance and atmosphere worthy of us relying on other results going our way...

Those 3 results combined have put it firmly in our hands, which is all we could've wanted a month ago!

The beautiful irony is, and the perfect example of years of uncertainty at Spurs, is that there will still be nerves going into the Norwich game... But maybe that's not a bad thing, as the LAST thing we need is ANY complacency.

We're 99.9% there.... ALL FOCUS is on the final 90 minutes.

But that's 6 days away... tonight certainly is a beautiful night!
I said before, Newcastle under the ST James' lights, last home match of the season for them, Wilson and Trippier back, they are getting something out of that game on Monday.
I said way back on 24th February (a couple of days before Conte) that we were still in with a shout.
I didn't realise that the season was over.

Thanks for that.

Oh, the comments

Yeah, we're really looking like turning this shit around. I'm sure top four is on the fucking horizon.

The level of delusion is utterly staggering.

This lot say we're still in the top four fight right up until we're mathematically out of it every season, they don't have a clue where we're actually at. They live in a different universe to the rest of the fans watching this team play.

"BuT ThE SeAsON IsN't OvEr YeT!"

They think because we are 5 points off of 4th that we still have a chance but then choose to ignore the fact we have lost 4 out of the last 5 games.

I like to try and view thihgs positively but there is a thin line between positive mental attitude and delusional rambling.

Happy Cracking Up GIF by Regal

Woolwich didn't have the bottle'​

Newcastle 2-0 Woolwich

Stephen Warnock
Former Liverpool defender on BBC Radio 5 Live
Woolwich went into their shell. They didn't have any answers, any bravery on the ball and Mikel Arteta looked a frustrated figure throughout. They played negative football and deservedly got nothing from this game. They are so up and down, so inconsistent. They didn't have the bottle to put in a huge performance.
You'd put everything you have on Tottenham to go to Norwich and get a result. I don't doubt that Tottenham will get a result and, if they don't, it will be one of the upsets of the Premier League in recent years.
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