"TITLE RACE" ( There is no sense not talking about it)

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It really is not Kane but it is astonishing that one of the games best strikers returns to our team just as we have forced our way back into the title race, and then 2 games later and 2 painful defeats, we are left fearing a top 4 place.

Work that out if you can.
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Still there are posts on this thread! there should not be any consideration of title challenges until at least the second half of the season and only then if either top or second by less than 3 points. Cannot recall how many years since we were top in the second half of the season. Always chasing, like when a goal down with minutes to go.
Despite the poor recent results and performances, I would have settled for this League position at the start of the season. Let's hope we can hold onto it.


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I look forward to the bumping of this thread in October.


Unless you're a nonce then you'll probably press the disagree button.
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