Tottenham Hotspur v Ajax, Champions League Semi-Final, Tue 30th April


Where Poch made us dare... José will make us do!!
Maybe yes...but my point was ambition. I don't mean we should spend 100 million on a player like city probably Will, but Leicester and wolves will be investing this summer. They manage to get some good players, I'm guessing they also pay good u not sometimes think why are we so cheap compared to most top 10 clubs...we are not palace or west ham we are supposed to be a big club, but we don't imo act like it and it's a little frustrating tbh
So are you saying that you view Leicester and Wolves as rivals?


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Fair point but still saha and Nelson when going for top 4 is a joke....

I agree.

Negatives of having Redknapp as your manager though, I guess. He was happy with both of them.

He also wanted Tevez and Cahill in that window... Tevez, who was on about 200k a week and Cahill who rejected us for Chelsea, who were also probably offering him more than what we offer 3/4s of our squad now.


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In fact he said they were triffic signings.

"I remember those days when Daniel told me he was going to sign Wilfried Saha and Full Nelsen. 'Triffic players. Free too"

Championship is a figure of speech and not to be taken “literally”, I mean if I’d have said Everton, someone would have said “the way Everton play he would get a regular game, now if you’d have said Watford I might have agreed, but not Everton”.......
So which players, I’ll start of with Llorente, can’t help but like the guy but fuck me, Pochettino doesn’t even trust him in the league, the guy is reserved for League cup games at best and Llorente’s contribution in no way this season is why we are sitting 3rd, Yes we may all say it was his goal that got us to the semi finals, but putting VAR and was it handball aside, the ball just hit him and went in, his attempted header wasn’t even close to connecting, but the fact there was so much fuss made about the bloody hand ball everyone overlooked that small piece of footballing genius.
Big Vic is another one, he’s a broken man and has contributed pretty much nothing this season, not his fault, and it is what it is...
Sanchez, another bit part player, and the main reason (apart from injuries) that we resort to this back 3 crap, he’s fit, he cost 45m (club record) and he is the lesser of the 2 evils when it comes to really scraping the barrel for midfielders or forwards at the minute or going to a back 3, never underestimate an inform/injury free Eric Dier as the holding midfielder/3rd Centre half. If Toby does leave this summer having Sanchez as one of our senior centre half's next season scares the crap out of me.
It is what it is, we can’t prevent injuries, Pochettino can only do what he can do right now, the result isn’t the real disappointment in truth, the real disappointment is we couldn’t put our best players out there to represent the club in such a big occasion, if we did and we still lost, then you say fair play, but to get beat and get absolutely hammered in the press/media for it is more disappointing than the actual result itself....COYS

What the fuck is this........ :dempsey:
There was a point when we qualified for champions league under Harry. Transfer fees were not that crazy and we needed a few additions nothing too crazy. So we bought Ryan Nelson and Louis saha.........i really believed after getting in the champions league that we would use the advantage in signing players that our rivals not in champs league could not...thus giving us a chance to maybe qualify the following wouldn't of taken even 40 fact nowhere near...what we did I thought was show no real interest in improving or taking what was an unbelievable opportunity especially with chelski and city starting there throwing around of money that has clearly inflated the market...
What happened around Harry was really curious in his last season. However, historically what really happened is lost in the fall out of missing out on Champions League.

When Nelson and Saha were added we were 3rd and consolidating top 4 was the objective. What is forgotten is that the season before they had brought Elder Gjundson ( spelling ) in the same way, adding some depth and experience and he was a good success. It was in that context not as barmy as it subsequently looks to have signed a couple of really well regarded pros to add depth to the squad. Indeed neither player let anyone down. Also, both players contributed to the aim. The team finished 4th.

Yes we finished behind the Goons who, it’s easy to forget, had an astonishing run of results and even then they only pipped us by 1 point and in fairness they beat us from 0-2 down to contribute to their final tally of points.

Then, as far as I am aware they had lined up Vertonghen & Siggurdson ( possibly Lloris too ? ) for Redknapp and then he got the bullet, Back then there was investment, more than it seems when we look back, we had a cracking squad really.

In context that summer after sacking Harry, probably was a lot more damaging than we would like to admit, so many decent players were shipped out. I don’t think they would have been had Harry stayed on.
Small victories. They have won trophies and lots of them whilst we have basicly just been involved but not really come close much as it does not seem right to do what they have done, in 10 years when they are still winning regularly nobody apart from clubs like us who use the money they have as a high horse to jump on will care.. They are successful and we are Not, this season they already have a trophy and we were never going to win any of them. Next season they will upgrade and improve in order to compete and we will simply pretend to compete and buy some 3rd rate players that none of our supposed rivals will touch imo

Do you think spending over £200m on full backs in one window helped them to win those trophies and why we are soo far behind them? Let's not beat around the bush here; Manchester City have bought everything they've won. I see no respect in that yet, pundits cream every time they play.

Maybe it's just something I've got to get used to? Outspending the world's clubs doesn't do it for me though.

I started supporting this club because of the way they play football. It has never been about winning trophies for me, they are extras not motives. I'm sure many fans see that different and that's fine as we all look for different things from that which entertain us.
You know what.

Fcuk this game until Saturday at about half past 2 with all due respect.

At the very least we must have one thing from this season to crow about and a top 4 finish just about does that.

Beating Bournemouth will bring something tangible from a quite wretched season og far too many injuries and indifferent form.
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And then there's the non-stop singling out of players for criticism and abuse. Now Dele is a target for some. What utter bullshit. The guy is young with a precocious talent that needs to be nurtured and protected. We sound like Goons when we slag him off. He's played a lower key role this season but put in some immense performances. That night at Dial Square's Islington campus will live long in the memory. But it's the hard graft that he's put in more recently that impresses me most.

Unless you actually go to games it’s impossible to see the work he puts in off the ball. I have a lot of time for Dele.

I think he’s playing through the pain barrier for the club right now and has been fighting for fitness since the World Cup last year.

If anything I think due to our constant changes of formation and personnel his natural game has been affected more than most this season.

Great post btw

Seven Sisters

Hold my beer....
It's a realistic appraisal of what and where we are you saw what they did to us at Wembley they should of won by more
Fair enough - and of course you are entitled to your opinion. But the thing about sport is that the best team doesn’t always win. Just occasionally, a David will bring down a Goliath - even if Goliath has absolutely played David off the park. And it is that which makes football so compelling.

If I am realistic, do I think we will win in Amsterdam? Probably not. And if we do, will we win in MADROD against Messi et al? Almost certainly not. But I still believe there is a chance ... Messi has an off day, Sissoko scores a screamer, Hugo lifts the pot .... it’s called ‘daring to believe’.
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