Tottenham Vs Palace - Boxing day - 3pm (Live on BT Sport)

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Genuine question:

Where's the racism angle of "Beige"...... It's just meant "boring" to me for decades.... I don't want to walk into a shit-storm cos I"m not down with twitter-talk.
I think it's fairly obvious, considering the argument was about racism in the first place. Beige has had the same meaning for me as it has for you, signifying bland and boring, but it was also obvious to me that the word was selected in that instance as a set up, beige also being a colour attributed to some ethnic minorities. Hence why I said it was loaded.


Ignorant but enthusiastic
Ive always thought of beige to mean boring. I didn’t know beige could be racist. Is there a race of people claiming / alleged to be beige, other than accountants??
I always thought that "beige", "vanilla" etc were perfectly normal synonyms for ordinary and boring
How much of our vocabulary do we have to lose before people realise we're not using them in a pejorative's getting really confusing
I always thought that "beige", "vanilla" etc were perfectly normal synonyms for ordinary and boring
How much of our vocabulary do we have to lose before people realise we're not using them in a pejorative's getting really confusing
Next we will find yellow and red cards to be racist and we will have to call them “minor offence card” and “major offence card”
There was public transport, in London at least.
Palace filled out the away section from what I could see.

London trains are TFL, the rest is private and mostly shut at that time if year.
I had to drive to the o2 and pay £13 to park so I could pick up the jubilee line as all of the Southeastern network was shut.

As for Palace, they sold out their away allocation which is about 6k
Wooptydo. Most away fans always sell out/turn up.


Freedom from Samsara
We'll have "native American" cards and "Euro Asian" cards

Was thinking more Minor = young card, Major = old card.

Ageist and racist FA... associating wrong doing with race and age...

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From Italian Press ( Gazzetta dello Sport)

Here is Conte's Tottenham, he wins and sees fourth place

The former Inter coach has revived the Spurs: the terre of a kind at the Crystal Palace is the sixth consecutive resulta in the league. Kane and Moura found protagonists.

Grab two tablets, load the Tottenham-Crystal Palace match in one, Tottenham-Manchester United in the other on October 30 and you'll understand the difference. The Spurs of two months ago, scrapped 3-0 in London by the Red Devils, were trembling, slow and holed up in their corner, hunched over to take their opponent's punches. Today Tottenham is a team that attacks its rival, works him on the flanks, hits him in the center and, after having knocked the opponent down twice, tries to place a new deadly hook. That Tottenham was governed by a manager, Nuno Espirito Santo, a very good person, but enlisted almost out of desperation. This is managed by the one that, last June, represented the first choice, then wrecked due to a series of problems. It is never too late, we used to say: and once he finally landed in London, Antonio Conte, the man who in the summer was in compliance with the wishes of the Spurs management, produced the change of
step. The ascent. The hope.
Hope Today fourth place, the only one available to experience the splendid atmospheres of the Champions League, considering the different stature of the Manchester City-Liverpool-Chelsea trio, is no longer a mirage for Tottenham. The 3-0 on Crystal Palace, sixth positive result in the Spurs Premier, reaffirms the legitimacy of the dream. The current ranking is deceiving. There are several recoveries to be experienced: once they were linked to bad weather, today to Covid. Tottenham can free the imagination. Conte gave him a soul, a game and the Harry Kane of his best moments: sorry if it's not enough. Against the Palace, struck in the heart by the positivity of the coach Patrick Viera, certified a few hours before the match, the Spurs showed flashes of Juventus and Inter of the Conte that was. They hit and sank the Eagles with two goals in three minutes: first with a delicious touch from Kane freed by Moura, then with the Brazilian himself, the undisputed star of the match. Zaha took care of the rest, leaving for the Africa Cup, able to remedy the expulsion for a double admonition, between 26 'and 37': the Ivorian striker lost, the Palace also lost hope. The young Conor Gallagher, talented on loan from Chelsea, has lost his way in the majesty of the Tottenham stadium. The Spurs did not give up, in perfect "Contiano" style. Son's 3-0, blessed by the Var, allowed the three beautiful joys of attack to put their signature on the scoresheet.

Conte The standing ovation reserved for Conte is deserved. Antonio found the "square" in sixty days of passion, the last twenty marked by Covid. He established the form (the 3- 4-2-1, with different variations in the defensive phase), the men (a group of very successful and almost owners) and the attitude (fierce pressing, fight for every ball, 100% run). so). He regenerated Kane. The long road to fourth place is an obstacle course, but it is not a mission impossible. The Spurs people gathered around the figure of Conte: another point in favor. Launched towards the goal, Antonio allowed himself a look at the recent past on this Boxing Day: "Inter winter champion is pleased because it is the continuity of a job that we have started. The foundations have been laid to stay high for several years. I'm happy. Maybe one day I'll come back, to overturn the predictions once again ». Because then this is Conte's destiny: to sail with the wind in your face.
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