Tottenham's worst manager and the manager you hated the most.

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Personally, I don't hate any of the managers; they all had good and bad qualities and even during the times where things weren't going so well there were things that boded well for us in the longer term. My father always said "He who never makes a mistake never learns anything" and when we have bad times we always come back stronger for the experience i.e we responded to the Ramos crisis by qualifying for the Champions' League the following season and not finishing outside the top six since. I think we need another boom and bust before we can come back as title contenders.

The 97/98 season review is available to watch on YT for those who want a refresher course on the good points of Gross's time with us:

If you want true despair, watch the 96/97 review:
Those were my first two seasons as a STH! The funny thing is, the 97/98 one was actually quite fun as a fan. Yes it got pretty awful under Gerry, but there were some good away wins with Gross... and there was even a period towards the end if the season - with Klinsmann, Ginola, Ferdinand and Berti all playing well - when we looked very decent. The 3-3 home draw with Liverpool was heart-breaking. But the atmosphere for the last couple of months was very positive.
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