Uh, New Crest? (again)

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Do you feel we should have a new crest?

  • No! *current crest tattooed on ass*

  • Yes! *opens Paint*

  • I couldn't care less what the Spurs crest looks like. *supports Lakers*

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Not sure if you are on the wind up or not, but that's what the stitching on football's used to look like
Am jesting....... "What's the gag - I say, what's the gag, son?"



I am aware, Techanlly Foghorn leghorn is a rooster but for jest using as a cockerel (although are the same?).
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why not have a big cock, on top of a pair of balls, and see if we can get sponsored by pornhub in the league, and Anne summers for the cup games

and every time we play Arse*** there could be a hand wrapped round the cock
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