We can be heroes champions league final 01/06/2019

Let's hope it's not the beginning of a Uefa/Madrid/the whole of football underhand campaign to help Liverpool in every way possible. Wankers
For a one off game the dressing room stuff won’t make a difference. Our players are there to play football, not rub Nivea all over each other. Luxuries make you soft.
Exactly this. Let them feel like they are entitled and have already won. We need to go there with a fighting under dog mentality.
Away dressing room

I've always found shithousery regarding away dressing rooms pathetic and small-time. Beat your opponent on the field, making them change in a pink closet to gain a "mental advantage" just comes off spammish. FIFA/UEFA should have long ago come out with a rule that said in order to host official events as a neutral venue, whether that's CL, EL, the Euros, WC, qualifiers, etc. a stadium should have equal facilities for each team in the way of square footage, equipment and furnishings.

Don't have to have all the tricked out finishes and such, but the same training tables, lockers, seats etc. Having one team in a major final relaxing in plush recliners and the other having to share coat hooks and take turns sitting down is an embarrassment. And yes, that includes our embarrassing away facilities as well....just a small minded shit mentality in my opinion and when we're talking about swank 9 figure 21st century stadiums it just shouldn't be in play.

So how does that work then?

"Security" I call bollocks on that, that's a backhander if I have ever seen one.

We draw as the home team and still get the away dressing room, desperate for pool to win a trophy aren't they?


Confidence over on RAWK is very high.

There's no way we'll suffer such bad luck in two consecutive finals. Salah getting crocked, then Karius getting his head smashed in, sending him west for the rest of the match.

I'll get nervous as we get closer but if nothing crazy happens again, then I just can't see us winning by less than 2-3 goals.

We have a better goalie, better full-backs, better centre halves, better midfielders, better strikers, a stronger bench, a better manager, more motivation to win, more experience of CL finals, more fans on the day, louder support, better form leading into the final.

In at least 5 positions we conceivably have the best player in the world on current form. They have none.

It will be difficult but, as has been mentioned, by any conceivable metric that can influence the outcome, we are stronger.


In every conceivable metric we are better than Spurs. But it’s a one off game so anything can happen. It won’t mind, we’ll slot two in first half and they’ll lose their heads chasing it by the 60th leaving them 4-0 down

I didn’t think it was possible, but the more of this absolute fucking hogwash I read, the more I despise these fucking scouse simpletons. Honestly, it grips my fucking shit! :lamelaaghh:
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