When You're Not Young Anymore

When ever someone made the crossover from player to manager and I remember when they made their debuts! Glenn, Chrissie, Stevie, Peter Reid, Kenny Dalglish pop to mind.

One moment that sticks out for me was when Martin Jol was appointed our manager. I hadn't appreciated it at the time but he had played for WBA against us in the League Cup semi final at The Hawthorns. What made that memorable was there was a train strike and we went by coach and trying to find ours after the game was a needle in a haystack moment.
Happy days :)
Jol and Tony Galvin got sent off in that 1st leg, if I remember correctly.
Also recollect the gates getting charged before the game, and a load getting in for free.
Not forgetting those two Spurs fans sitting on top of the roof.
A bout of the flu recently absolutely floored me for about a week, sure I have had much worse in the past but this last week has just been miserable.
Feeling a bit better today though 😀
Once I used to play two games of rugby in one day ...home, bath, huge tea and off to the pub. Now I get cramp cleaning my teeth.:(
I remember one of my mates was trying to lose a bit of weight and get fit, I asked him one day how it was going but before he could reply another one of my mates shouted “he bought a new tracksuit to go out running but he got out of breath zipping it up”....
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