James Forster

22nd November 2018

Harry Kane: subject to envious hate

As he continues to perform for club and country, rival fans still find a way to criticise him. Kane doesn't care though and neither should we.

27th April 2017

Our time will come

After last nights victory against Crystal Palace, James Forster believes glory is coming soon.

29th September 2016

Desperate to play for THFC

With a different player signing a new contract every week, the desire to stay at Spurs is obvious. James Forster looks at the change in culture at the club and the hope for the future.

10th August 2016

Hopes and fears for 2016/17

The new season is a matter of days away, but questions remain. Have we been left behind? Should we fear the new managers? Where are the "Champions League" signings?! James Forster gives his views.

16th December 2015

The instant gratification mentality 

James Forster examines the modern football fan and looks into the problem of demanding instant success and glory.

5th November 2015

The fruition of Pochettino’s tenure

James Forster makes his debut on The Fighting Cock by taking a look at our season so far and the direction the club is heading in.