Oh what a night

by James Forster


Tottenham Hotspur have done the unthinkable – shattering European expectation to reach the biggest club football occasion on the planet, the Champions League final.
This is a team ravaged by injuries to key personnel; the ‘Harry Kane team’ without Harry Kane; a squad that has had no investment in two consecutive windows and is low on confidence from recent domestic results.

We just don’t know when we have been beaten this season in Europe.

As Pochettino strongly stated, every player is a hero. They have given us a memory and experience that will live forever in the minds. They were lions on the pitch in that famous second half, courageous and resilient.

Our favourite Argentine is at the heart of it all. He has allowed us to dream and made our dream a reality. We are reaping the rewards of Pochettino’s ambition and a mantra that has been branded into the club that screams never give up and fight for everything.

He has to quite simply be the best manager in the world. There have been so many setbacks for him this season, yet, he hasn’t been a victim, he hasn’t moaned, what he has done is make the squad work to achieve this momentous occasion. What a man motivator he must be. Every player seems to love him and he resonates so strongly with us, the fans.

As a Spurs fan, reaching Champions League glory has always been a far-away dream. The ecstatic feeling that is brimming through me is one never felt before as a fan of this wonderful club. If the player’s channel the same energy and determination that they’ve shown in Europe this season, then anything is possible against the Scouse. We dare to dream, as one, together.

I believe in this football club. All the lows we go through supporting Tottenham, the ‘Spursy’ moments – It’s all bloody well worth it for occasions like this. I have never felt more proud to support this club.

Bring on Madrid. Let the echo of North London glory be felt across Madrid, across Europe, and the world as Tottenham go marching on, led by Pochettino and a group of players resilient and fighting against all the odds.

Oh what a night.


James Forster

Cannot smile without Tottenham


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