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I don't think that we will out and out become a Mendes club. Not to the same degree that Valencia has been or Wolves is at the moment at least. At Valencia Mendes was brought in to more or less be their sporting director, and Wolves owners own a stake in Mendes' agency. I don't see us becoming totally reliant on Mendes and his agency to get players in and out.
Tell us some cracking places to go for a holiday other than Lisbon and Porto.


The Azores: Europe's Secret Paradise 🤷‍♂️

Imagine a lush and green Iceland with subtropical climate, that's the Azores
I've never tried Nandos, don't even know if there's any in Lisbon, or the whole country 🤔
So many traditional family-owned barbecue chicken takeaways and restaurants here, dunno if a fast-food version of it would be successful
As much flack as Levy gets on here right now, I just don't see him allowing Mendes to get the kind of control here that he had at Wolves and Valencia. He's not gonna get in bed with just one agent and become completely reliant on their services. And if he was it would be with Barnett who he already has a established strong relationship with. And Paratici did not operate like that either at Juve.

I could however see both wanting more of a "you scratch our back, we scratch yours" relationship with Mendes. We take some of his younger talent on to put them in the PL shop window and he helps us get some impact players in.

But I just don't see Daniel Levy allowing another person to run this club for him the way Mendes did at Valencia or Wolves.
I don't think Mendes will take over like he does at Wolves, if for nothing else he has no financial stake in us like he does with Wovles.

However, what I could see happening is Mendes using us as a dumping ground for his shit players with Levy thinking he can get a deal so being happy to get Mendes shit in. Plus Mendes is good at moving his guys on so Levy might be convinced if Mendes convinces him that in a few years he will move the crap we bring in on to one of the other clubs he has fooled into working with him.

Any dealings we have with Mendes will only work in Mendes favor. He needs a place to dump his crap and Levy will be all too happy to bring that crap in.
Because he feels like he can get a deal. Which is what he loves more than anything else.

We got the Portguese league top scorer on our team for 3 million!!! Great deal for Levy.

We got a Portuguese u-21 player on a loan super deal!

Mendes will tell Levy that he will give him the players for less than he would at other clubs and Levy will love the idea that he is getting a deal on them. The fact it is all BS and that the players suck don't matter as long as Levy thinks he is getting a deal.
Spot on, then sacks the manager when they rightly bench these frauds
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