Adama Traore

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Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
So then someone say he doesn’t want to play RWB you seriously think we would have asked Traore to come only for them to suddenly find out he doesn’t want to play RWB. You seriously take Conte, Paratici and Traore for idiots?

The source was Ornstein which has already been called out by other football journalists because it make absolutely zero sense.

Most players (especially players who are sat on the bench most games for a mid-table side) will play anywhere on the pitch if it meant they were playing for a bigger Club. So Adama would absolutely have accepted playing for Spurs as a RWB if it meant him going from Wolves bench to us.

In this specific case, it's a no brainer for him to choose Barca over us, not because of the position being asked to play but because it's his Club and they are bigger than us. I'm sure if he's been told that he will not be playing as RWB at Barca then that's a nice bonus for him. But he would have still jumped at the chance to sign for them if they said we see you as a CB. Because once you're signed and you prove to be a shit CB, you still can change the manager's mind that he should be playing as a winger or wherever.

Adama-Barça should be completely closed today. Well, the winger already knows that he is going to wear the Blaugrana shirt, which was and is his priority. Fully confirmed what he advanced
and congratulations to
for breaking the news in December. Matter of time.
Yep just another two weeks of stringing us along to keep the fans quiet until transfer market closes.
Impossible to know what happened. Maybe he was done, then Barcelona, he's boyhood club called. Maybe we have known this for a while but the qlick bate press have been stringing us along. I don't know. I won't lose sleep over a player I never wanted. I just hope we can get a few in.
It's been said before, but it's so pathetic that a club billions in debt like Barca can still bring in players, even if it's on loan, if it was most other clubs they'd likely have transfer embargos, points deductions, the works.


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I didn't want him so I am not disappointed to see that he won't be coming in but if the club did, I doubt Conte wanted him, then seeing us miss out on him because we fucked around with negotiating isn't a good sign.

It shows that things haven't changed with our transfer business no matter who we bring in to "change" things.
Shambles. Waste all this time trying to sign Adama to not get it over the line , for Barca to come in and get it done within what seems a couple of days.

What must Conte be thinking 🤦‍♂️
Shambles. Waste all this time trying to sign Adama to not get it over the line , for Barca to come in and get it done within what seems a couple of days.

What must Conte be thinking 🤦‍♂️
That he will go to Barcelona or united this summer. He's not worried at all. A very clever tactician, he's been vocal about needing reinforcements and hasn't let his ego ruin things for him by saying he can do it either way (as Mourinho did then failed).

All on Levy and the world fully knows.
Once again well done Levy you cunt. Spend all month fucking about over 2 million and then lose out completely. We all know we will be signing fuck all this window. Until ENIC and Levy go we are fucked
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