Antonio Conte

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I truly believe that he gets backed this summer. He has levy by the bollocks but I think Levy trusts him. Levy must know he won the fucking jackpoT with this fella.

with just 2 signings (and not his beloved wing backs) he has transformed us. 2-3 good signings and we are on the chavs coat tails. He’s done this on a squad of 15-16 in reality.

conte also seems in tune with the fans. He can feel the love and that can affect everything.

I am so optimistic, it fucking hurts. He has me as emotional involved as Poch, but with a higher bar. 4th or not, I think we march onto great things Together.

I know Im an eternal optimist, but law of fucking averages say I get it right once.
Only two signings that at the beginning were heavily criticized because they were considered a "favor" by Paratici at Juventus. I am happy that two Juventus players (now former because they will be redeemed) have contributed to your growth.
Was literally about to post this. You definitely get the sense that Conte now knows this a proper club with proper fans.

Of course you want silverware, but the vibe has to be right. The buzz of 60k Yids screaming your name at the NLD as you smash woolwich is the right vibe.

You have to enjoy managing the club, and I think he is enjoying it.
You have wonderful fans and he who is a serious professional who also lives on sensations feels it. And he likes it

Eric Dier lauds Antonio Conte for improving Tottenham mentality to earn Burnley win​

Antonio Conte has been instrumental in turning around Tottenham’s mentality to earn Sunday’s edgy 1-0 win over Burnley, says Eric Dier.
The defender helped keep a vital clean sheet as a Spurs side not at their best jumped Woolwich to claim fourth place ahead of the Gunners’ trip to Newcastle on Monday.

For Dier, the victory was of stark contrast to Tottenham’s defeat at Turf Moor earlier in the season which also came after a major win for his team.

“He is right,” Dier told reporters when asked about Conte’s claim that Spurs’ mentality has improved.

“I think coming off the Woolwich game… In the past, if you look at the last Burnley game away, we beat Manchester City away a couple days before then we lose away to Burnley.

“We are making steps in the right direction and today was another one. That comes down to the manager and his influence over us and us feeding off that and trying to do what he wants from us.

“We have been improving constantly under him and the results have come with that. There’s still so much space for us to improve under him.”

Dier described life under Conte and made clear his hope that the Italian will remain at Tottenham for some time.

“It is a big contrast him on the touchline and training pitch to him off it,” added the centre-back. “At half time and in meetings at training he is very calm and gets his message across very clearly, but passionately always.

“But on the training pitch and on the touchline he is so aggressive and intense. There’s so much intensity in training. Training is the same as it is [in games], he just feels and lives it and that just rubs off on you.

“You feel that passion that he shows and all his staff as well. It has been so enjoyable to work under him.”

He continued: “I can speak for the group of players, and I think the manager would agree as well, the relationship between this group and the manager is something special and I really want to continue to build that relationship. There’s so much room for improvement. With this group and this manager, it would be a shame for it to end now.”
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