Audere Est Facere

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Apparently this is how you pronounce it...

...according to some Italian bloke. Of course, you may know better.
I knew that, because when I was about 14, I asked my teacher, who was a nun, what it meant and how to pronounce it!
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Ask a Londoner, a Scouser, a Geordie and a Scotsman.

And take the average...
I've used Google translate for each of the words individually and they correspond to the audio in the OP, so that's good enough for me.

No more dumbing down with this To Dare is To Do nonsense, it's Audere est Facere all the way from now on.
Nobody knows. We don’t have a record of spoken Latin.

It’s the Internet, someone always knows better. 😁
So what? I'm not asking for an historical record ffs, I'm simply trying to verify how it's pronounced in 2023. You know, in Latin classes, for example! You're not helping!
How nice, a thread about me.

So how do you pronounce it then?
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