Audi Cup 2019

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Carpe Diem

Pretty smart trophy for a couple of friendlies, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not the only silverware we win this season.

Which one is John Terry ?? can't spot him anywhere....unusual for him not to get in on the photo ;)
Dont see why not, Woolwich list the Fairs Cup as a major european honour :pochohshit:
UEFA don’t. It was an invitational competition only open to clubs in cities who had held a city fair. Only one entry per city. When Newcastle won it they finished 9th in the league to qualify . I am pleased to say it does not count as a proper trophy. In fact the Charity Shield is higher in the pecking order as every club is able to qualify for it.
That's like saying The English are Welsh 😂
No mate Welsh are celts and English are Anglo-Saxons. Greeks live in Cyprus for thousands of years and in many occasions Cyprus almost unite with Greece.I lived in Cyprus for a year and if you tell a Cypriot that you are Greek they will get angry because they consider them selfs also Greeks and not "Cypriots "
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