Bryan Gil

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Son's first season 'flop' still pisses all over most of our recent signings.
Nah dude he was pretty bad.

Never give up on a player in their first year in England in general, and in the specific case of Gil I have no idea why you’d be anything but encouraged anyway.
He wasn't great.. but you could see the talent.

He still got 8 goals in all competitions in his 1st season.. that is not bad at all considering he was injured for some of that time and he wasn't a regular starter at the time.

So for example his 8 goals and 5 assists (in 2001 mins) that season equates to a goal contribution every 153 mins
Dele Alli
who had a much better season but was also played more had 11 goals and 10 assists (in 3224 mins) that season but that also funny enough equates to a goal contribution every 153 mins.
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Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
You get the feeling he wont be coming back.

Poor lad..... Players at this age need game-time in a functioning system and nurturing with some strong supportive seniors around them (esp. when transitioning from a foreign league).... Not vague expectations of being a difference-maker in a lazy B-team around Europe or being a last minute EPL game-saver.

Gil, Rodon, Sessengon, Foyth......

(+ KWP, Tanganga, Onomah and a few other bright young things)

Hard to expect the lad Sarr to fair too differently. :(


This player cost us over £30m if we consider Lamela to be worth £5-10m. More money down the drain.

We spent £55m on him and Emerson and we are already trying to replace them.

To be fair Emerson is a solid defensive right back, he is just not an attacking Wing back and probably not a central defender. We bought a player for a position we don’t have in the team.

Could have been worse, we could have bought a fly half or quarterback.
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