Bryan Gil

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I know he’s young and hasn’t had much time but, apart from that run to the byline against Chelsea I haven’t seen much from him. I remember seeing Bale for the first time and immediately thinking he had something a bit special, even though he didn’t win a game with us for ages. I’m not expecting him to be anything like Bale, but just think he’d have shown more if he had it in him. At the moment he reminds me of an excited puppy chasing a ball around, endearing but frustrating. Hope I’m wrong.

I don't think it's a surprise. The guy has hardly been anything like prolific (for a winger) at any level for any side he's played for. We've seen how much someone like Lo Celso has struggled here compared to La Liga where you're given less time on the ball, and come up against players not afraid to kick you.

He has some ability on the ball but he hardly gives me the impression he's going to be the nest Jose Antonio Reyes. Right now he's every bit as soft as he looks.


Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
Most people consider that as writing a player off.

Most? Nah.....

OTT in terms of sentiment as well.

Like you're not allowed to criticise an attribute of a player without being a "hater".

Nah, there's people who are happy to declare "not gonna make it" already.....

The "haters" are the one's who revel in digging out a player and can't wait to start slinging around derogatory nick-names and calling the players cunts.

How one expresses critique goes a long long way in terms of how it's perceived.
Nah dude he was pretty bad.

Never give up on a player in their first year in England in general, and in the specific case of Gil I have no idea why you’d be anything but encouraged anyway.
Don't even care if it's first year or not but Gil hasn't been given much game time and when he was then usually with a squad of fringe players. Can't see how anyone can properly evaulate him this way.

I love his enthusiasm, professionalism, and work ethic. Definitely keep him.
Do you think he will be a success at Spurs?
Very late reply but I don't think anyone can tell.

He is insanely hyped in Spain but the Spanish media overhype all young Spanish talents and always have. When Reyes went to Woolwich there was lots of talk about why he wasn't immediately superseding Thierry Henry. Then again, all of the respected La Liga observers do think he's a genuine special talent (although some of them have weird biases which help) and he did have a very good loan season at Eibar.

I'm naturally sceptical and think it's always worth taking a 'we'll see' approach to young talent. There are so many factors to making it and in football things change very quickly. I don't think he'll be a superstar at Spurs, I've seen too many La Liga talents fade away to nothing, but I could see him having a good impact so it really depends what you mean by 'success'.

I remember reading in a Spanish piece on him that Sevilla technicians in the youth teams said he was more talented than Jesús Navas and Sergio Ramos had been, two of their youth products. Which, well, he may be (personally I think those kind of statements are unnecessary) but regardless talent doesn't always equal success. Other things like timing, mentality, the trust of coaches and pure luck come into the equation.

One thing worth mentioning is that Navas is remembered in the PL rightly or wrongly as half a joke, someone who tried hard but never really succeeded. Whereas at Sevilla he is pretty much their number one legend of the modern era. So perceptions of success can wildly vary in football for the same player, and it's not impossible for Bryan to be a talented player who never finds his feet in the PL. Hope not though!
I think he has a chance to really learn and improve under Conté, even if it's just 20 minutes cameos and cup games. I think he should stay.

Lord knows we need creativity in our squad.
Mmm...he has flattered to deceive for me so far.
I think a loan would be a good idea. Not sure about France.
He hasn’t made any kind of contribution so we won’t miss him if he does get loaned.

I‘m all for signing young talent but I think he’s probably not ready to make an impact in the PL yet. Needs regular football.
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